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A new era of mobile security

What is the point of securing your business with costly solutions if there's nothing left inside to protect?

With the proliferation of mobile technology, corporate security has to evolve – and fast.

Most businesses are still investing in costly large-scale security solutions that protect their infrastructure and devices, yet neglect their data and people.

The weak link in most mobile security solutions is not the technology - It's the people.

Employees reuse their passwords, they leave their devices unlocked and borrow their colleagues' access - leaving the business exposed to all kinds of security risks.

This is why, unlike other mobile security solutions on the market, Borderless Protection works by securing your data and users, rather than just your devices or infrastructure.

Most importantly, it also provides enterprise-grade mobile security the way most organisations want it: as a service, with the flexibility of OpEx pricing and complete scalability.
5 key considerations for effective security in a mobile world

Find out how and why enterprise security has changed, and what your business needs to do to stay ahead.
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About Dilignet
Dilignet is a specialised cloud consulting organisation focused on adopting cloud technologies to enhance businesses. We have deployed thousands of Microsoft Enterprise Mobile Suite seats, and we were one of the first to be awarded Microsoft’s Enterprise Management and Mobility Gold Competency.
Upcoming webinar: Protect your data, not just your devices
Register now for this upcoming webinar. Get crucial strategic insights, hear a real-world case study, and understand more about:
  • The trends driving modern enterprise security in a cloud-based world
  • How Borderless Protection can help you defend against the very latest threats, including preventing data leakage, tracking usage and identifying shadow cloud IT
  • How best to manage your users when they sit outside your security perimeter
  • How mobile security can be delivered in a flexible, scalable package that meets your needs
  • How a service-based security solution (where you pay per user/per month) can significantly improve your bottom line.
James Liu, Cloud Architect, Dilignet

James has 10 years’ IT experience working across multiple sectors, including all levels of government (federal, state, local) as well as in the enterprise commercial sector. He is an expert in Datacenter, Cloud and Identity, and has a proven ability to deliver datacentre and highly virtualised solutions on time and within budget.
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16 March 2017
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What makes Borderless Protection different?

Thanks to today's mobile workforce, threats to data security are ever-present and constantly evolving.

Unlike other mobile security solutions, Borderless Protection:
Keeps your employees productive on their favourite apps and devices, while protecting your company data at a granular level.
Is available as a subscription-based service (you pay per user, per month), which is aligned with your operational expenditure model, so there’s no large, up-front investment. You simply pay for what you need.
Offers end-to-end device management from the cloud, from a single console, without compromising security.
Offers encryption policy at the file level, which means your documents are followed both within and outside of your organisation, enabling your people to collaborate more security by protecting virtually any file type on any device.
Enables you to track your shared documents to learn more about document use or abuse within your organisation.
How a service-based security solution (where you pay per user/per month) can significantly improve your bottom line.
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